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About TydeCoyn

Now is the chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new way to think about investing in local businesses – and the local environment.

Tourism and the natural environment often depend on one another. So why shouldn’t an investment in one also be an investment in the other? This has been our dream for years, and now with advancements in smart contract infrastructure and blockchain technology, we’re ready to make it a reality.

That’s why we’re now offering all interested New Brunswickers the chance to purchase TydeCoyn – Atlantic Canada’s first cryptocurrency token that marries tourism promotion and environmental activism. Through agreements with dozens of tour and trip operators in New Brunswick, TydeCoyn token holders can purchase tour packages for themselves, or trade their coins to tourists for cash, Bitcoin or other altcoins on exchanges governed by smart contracts.

Each purchase of TydeCoyn automatically sends a portion of the sale amount to one of several participating wildlife foundations or organizations that you personally choose.

We foresee this initiative quickly expanding nationwide, and we already have agreements in principle with operators and environmental organizations from as far away as Ontario and British Columbia. Internal estimates peg our expected rates of return on each pre-ICO token at 85%, with that number expanding to 115% through the demand generated by the time of our second investment round early next year.

TydeCoyn is the future of sustainable investing. And if you live in New Brunswick, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.


Like what you’re seeing? Take a deeper dive into the innovative technology behind our platform by clicking the link below to download our whitepaper.

Investment Levels

The sale of TydeCoyn tokens is fully supervised and monitored by relevant Canadian regulatory bodies, and the team at TydeCoyn is fully compliant with all provincial and federal statutes governing the exchange and sale of securities. Early investors will benefit from high initial token discounts, but these will disappear as the initial token supply is exhausted. TydeCoyn tokens can be purchased with debit and credit cards, through any PayPal account, or with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Private Sale
September 20, 2018

50% token discount


Introductory Sale
December 1, 2018

25% token discount


General Public Sale
January 1, 2019

10% token discount


Meet Our Team

Isabella Newton
Co-Founder and CEO

Jamie Broussard
Co-Founder and Project Manager

Albert Doucette
Head of Marketing and Operator Liaison

Shaina Darling
Development Lead

Mark Gallant
Head Software Engineer

Sarah Guilford
Investor Relations


Conservation experts, tour guide operators and investors across Canada are excited about the potential for TydeCoyn to make a real difference in New Brunswick and beyond. Check out some of the fantastic things people have already said about our project:

“Tourism in this region is flourishing. It’s fascinating to see startups like TydeCoyn take advantage of new technologies like blockchain to add value to the industry and create new partnerships and linkages out of thin air. We all have a responsibility to this region – luckily, people like Isabella and her team are figuring out how that responsibility can work.”

Emilie Haines
Chief Financial Officer of a national tourism organization

“TydeCoyn is truly a revolutionary idea. Employing the Bay of Fundy’s sizable tourism sector as a force for environmental good in the region is a great example of how economic markets can be rededicated to serve not only people and their wallets, but also wildlife and natural habitats that we all share. As a fund manager and a sustainable investor myself, I can’t wait to see TydeCoyn grow.”

David Desautels
Managing Partner at a multinational investment firm

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